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Quality Yearbook Publishing


We have state of the art printing facilities strategically located to deliver the highest quality and fast delivery.

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Wholesale Pricing

These days, budgets count. We price our books to give you the most for your money! We provide wholesale pricing like no other publisher.

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7 Day Delivery

Our process ensures prompt delivery. Upon approval, your books will ship within 7 days.
*Does not include weekdays or holidays

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Quality is in our Name

School Yearbook Publishers

If you’re looking for high-quality yearbooks from a respected company that offers WHOLESALE prices with fast delivery, then Quality Yearbook Publishing is the yearbook publisher for you! Our easy to use software makes creating your yearbook fun and easy. There’s no hassle involved, so the services at our company can help your students make memories that will last a lifetime.

Stock Yearbook Covers


Book Mock Up

Our yearbook cover designs are geared towards elementary and middle school students. For all your elementary school yearbook publishing, you can incorporate the school year along with your school’s name and colors. Even if they are stock, the covers are designed to be as unique as your school and represent the student body.

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Yearbook Software

Not a graphic designer? No problem. There’s no need to lay out every element on a page individually in InDesign when you have our yearbook design software at your disposal. As a trusted online yearbook printing and publishing company, we offer Lumapix Online, which can be used on PC, Mac, and ChromeBooks. There’s nothing to install – it’s fully online. You’ll be able to import portraits directly from a PSPA CD, lay out pages with a few clicks, and add clipart and backgrounds with ease. Anyone can work in Lumapix Online, whether it’s a student involved in the yearbook club, an adviser, or another staff member.

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School Yearbook Printing Services

Great Add-Ons

When you’re looking for yearbook printing companies and publishers, Quality Yearbook Publishing not only offers you excellent pricing, but our publishing services offer you the opportunity to include some of our various options for free. These items make a standard yearbook into something that is truly special and customized to each child. An order of 150 or more qualifies you for a 4 page “Year in Review” addition, which details all of the most relevant world news and pop culture happenings from the past year. When you order 275 yearbooks, you can get names on the cover for 40 students. This is a great idea for the graduating class of students who will look back at that year as their most memorable.

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Marketing Materials

Once our publishers print your yearbooks and deliver them to you, there’s only one thing left to do: market them to students. The best way to do this is through distributing flyers and hanging posters up throughout the school hallways and in classrooms. Grab the attention of students and parents with our eye-catching graphics and don’t forget to add information specific to your school such as the price of the yearbook, the date to purchase the book by, and where to go to get a copy. Included in the services of our publishers is the offering of free marketing materials with all orders of 75 or more yearbooks from our company.

Offering full services as yearbook publishers, we also provide school products where you can buy custom student planners and calendars for your students. If you have any questions for our publishers about our printing services, the software, or styles you have at your disposal, contact us today. We’re one the trusted companies for schools and day cares across the country.

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