Your yearbook design is all complete and ready to submit to be published, but what happens next? With a prompt turnaround time, you can be sure to get the yearbooks in no time at all. Our objective is to make sure you receive on-time delivery according to your needs and preference. Unlike most yearbook publishing companies, our printing and shipping timeframes are extremely flexible so that you can have a hassle-free experience! With our services, you can receive the yearbooks in as little as just one week to have more time to distribute them to your students.

So, what can you expect once you’ve submitted your finalized yearbook design at Quality Yearbook Publishing? Take a look at our turnaround time process, which is based on your specific needs.

Getting the Proofs
Once we receive your finalized yearbook, we prepare your files and generate a hard copy printed proof within three days. If you want to see your yearbook faster, you can request a PDF proof. We want you to have enough time to take one last look at the proof before you give the approval, so the proof is shipped on the second day via air mail.

However, in order to achieve a fast production time, you have to return your proof with the edits or provide your final approval. We can’t stress this enough! Effective turnaround time can only be accomplished if you follow the set timeline we’ve agreed upon. Publishing a yearbook is most certainly a give-and-take procedure between the publisher and the school. We can’t guarantee an on-time delivery if you don’t provide us with approval for the proofs.

Production and Shipping
To ensure that our customers get the shortest possible shipping time, we have several plants stationed around the country where we produce our books. Crazy right!? But we want our customers to have an effective turnaround time for their yearbooks. So, once you provide your approval of the proof, we generally allow 7 to 10 days to produce and ship the yearbooks. Of course, if you have any events or special dates that need to be noted, simply let your customer service advisor know so that we can accommodate them. If you need the yearbooks even faster, we offer rush service available upon request, which has to be arranged when you submit the design for your yearbook.

Once the shipment of yearbooks arrives, you can distribute them to your students at your discretion. Not hard at all, right? Producing a yearbook doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you and your staff! When you design your yearbook with us at Quality Yearbook Publishing, you can expect a convenient and fast turnaround time. Now that you’ve completed your yearbook, why not get started on the one for next year? Let’s get to it!