Every educational institution has a way of representing itself, and the yearbook is just one aspect of many that sets it apart from the rest. How will you make yours stand out? After all, the yearbook is something that the kids and staff look forward to getting at the end of the year, along with the start of summer, of course! But, for a student or staff member, there’s no better way to say goodbye to a school year filled with memories, events, education, and good times than obtaining a yearbook that documents it all. So, making the yearbook look organized and well-designed is essential, especially since the publication symbolizes your institution.

Well, putting together a yearbook has never been made easier with our design software, Lumapix YearbookFusion. This is the program we – the yearbook publishers – provide to our customers so that they can easily create and customize their yearbook without any hassle. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when personalizing and formatting your yearbook.

Document Everything!
Throughout the year, you should have a camera handy at all times so that you never miss a beat. Sure, you could leave the documentation all up to the hired photographer or the audiovisual club (if your institution has one) but they might miss out on the great moments that only occur in the classroom. Consider gathering and using photos from parents, students, faculty, and teachers to include in the yearbook. You never know when you will come across a photo that is such a perfect shot, it HAS to make the cut!

Get the Kids Involved!
Aside from the formal school photos, what else should be included in the yearbook, and what shouldn’t? For that answer, why not ask the students? You can have them participate in choosing a theme for the yearbook covers and have them provide you with artwork, stories, and drawings as fillers. If your school has a yearbook class or yearbook club, great! But if not, obtain some insights from the students and staff.

Utilize the Design Software
Laying out the design page by page doesn’t have to seem like a tedious task – especially when you have access to the right yearbook software. With Lumapix, you can effortlessly upload pictures, use template guides, make collages, and create indexes. It also has tons of clipart and page themes for personalization. One tip to remember is to keep the spreads simple so that they are easy to read, as well as compelling.

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