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Year in review

Our Year In Review add-on features exciting content from the past year. It’ll be fun for students to look back on the top news and events from the year and bring back memories, like their favorite sports team winning or their favorite singer going platinum on their latest album. News and events are included from the following categories: headlines, celebrities, fashion, sports, entertainment, and music.

Option Price
4-Page Insert $1.75 each
8-Page Insert $2.25 each

Yearbook Add-Ons

These are some of the features that you can add on to a basic yearbook.
They are included as a value add with larger purchases but will cost extra otherwise. See more information about included values on our Discount page.

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Our personalization for your students includes the options shown in the table below. Students can have their name and/or photo printed on the book cover as well as printed endsheets or inside covers.

Option Price
Name $2.00 each
Name and Photo $2.50 each
Photo Only $2.00 each
Printed Endsheet or Hardcover $2.00 each
Printed Inside Covers $1.25 each
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Personalization adds that extra special element to each yearbook. Plus, when yearbooks come out, every student has one on his or her desk and they move around a lot as students get their friends’ signatures. Having personalized yearbooks will lower the chance of students losing or mixing up yearbooks while signing.

Names and photos are usually added to the bottom right corner of a yearbook unless it conflicts with the cover design. A border may be added to the photo as well if it matches the style of the cover.