Selling Your Yearbook

Yearbooks are often an important fundraiser for the school. When planned correctly, a yearbook sale can provide important income for year-end events and parties. Quality Yearbook Publishing knows the importance of this step and will offer assistance and guidance so that your sale is successful.

Once you have started your book you need to decide how you are going to sell the books. Many schools give the yearbooks away to the graduates for free, often paid for with money raised during the year. If your school intends on selling the books, then start the process early. Giving parents plenty of time to budget helps ensure a successful sale.

Quality Yearbook Publishing offers several options to help assist with the sales.

Marketing Materials

Don’t just rely on word of mouth to sell your yearbooks – hang up our customizable posters and flyers around the school hallways, auditorium, classrooms, and cafeteria as visual marketing.

Grab the attention of students and parents with our eye-catching posters and flyers. Don’t forget that we will custom imprint information specific to your school such as the price, date to purchase by, and pickup location of the book. We offer free marketing materials with all orders of 75 or more yearbooks.

Online Store

When you choose Lumapix, there is a built-in online store that comes free of charge to help promote yearbook sales. Here’s what you get:

  • FREE branded storefront for each school
  • We help you set up quickly and easily to sell directly to parents
  • Dedicated shopping cart
  • On-demand reports to track your sales