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Memento is a suite of online and installed tools that streamline the creation and production of yearbooks. The tools are distributed to schools by us. They are all you need to have the best possible experience in the design process of your yearbook. The video below will help you get your yearbook builder up and running in no time.

Some great new features of the latest version of Memento, our online yearbook builder:

  • Facebook – Easily add photos from Facebook to your yearbook designs. (online only)
  • Mobile Image Uploader – This free app for iOS/Android allows you to add images from your phone for use in yearbook designs.
  • Template Publishing – Design custom graphics and templates for your school.
  • Improved Auto Collage – Pages can now have multiple auto-collages within a frame or positioned to a single side of a two page spread. (installed only)
  • Index Creation – Flow a set of index pages based on your PSPA portrait database. (installed only)

Software Features

The new ladder view option gives you a view of the entire yearbook maker at once. Easily add and reorder pages and assign sections to your team. See who is working on what in real-time and manage progress.

Importing portraits from a PSPA CD has never been easier. Update and change database information through the software, then automatically flow your portraits into pages with just a few clicks.

The new portrait wizard makes panel design simple. While tweaking your selections and design options with your yearbook ideas, you can instantly preview the results. Like what you see? You can reuse it again and again.

User management allows your yearbook team to design and collaborate. Staff members can assign sections to students or restrict access to certain features, such as page deletion.

The Possibilities are Endless

We are pleased to offer our customers options when it comes to yearbook cover software. If you choose to do so you can create your book in any standard graphic software. Whether it’s a Photoshop, InDesign or PDF file, we are flexible and will support you all the way to the finished book. If you need software, we offer free of charge Lumapix YearbookFusion Software, which will provide you with outstanding results. With YearbookFusion it’s possible to create a completely custom yearbook that could look vastly different each school year. This software is fully online so you don’t have to download anything to your computer and can enjoy the convenience of designing from an Internet browser. That means no limitations based on operating system; both Mac and PC users are able to use YearbookFusion.

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Your team has spent a lot of time taking photos of memories through the year; now it’s time to add them to the yearbook with our elementary and middle school yearbook software . YearbookFusion allows you to add images by dragging and dropping them into a frame and has many options for editing. Once an image is in a frame, you can crop, rotate, and pan the image to get it exactly where you want it to be. Portraits can be sorted into panels automatically.

Remember, your yearbook is fully stored online and once it’s finished it can be easily uploaded and sent to us with the click of a button. It can’t get any easier than that!

The program is full of many extras that will help make your books look great.
Clip Art library: There are thousands of pieces of clip art and page themes to choose from.
Templates: Lumapix offers an exceptional selection of stock page templates. They can be used simply by dragging and dropping images into the templates, which can be enhanced with backgrounds or page themes to create awesome pages!

Easy to Use Software

You don’t have to be a graphic designer to create your own school yearbook.

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