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Here at Quality Yearbook Publishing, we have an in-house graphic design team dedicated to creating custom yearbook graphics, including cover designs. When you explore the software you will find over 100 yearbook covers and ideas for you to choose from. These covers can be customized with your school name, colors, and year. Personalization with a student’s name or photo is available for all styles. We can use any combination of colors and designs to make our customers happy!

However, you are not limited to our premade cover designs with your yearbook ideas. Our software allows you to be creative and create or upload your own custom middle school and elementary school yearbook covers. This gives you an opportunity to have the yearbook staff collaborate to create a cover, or you could hold a competition where students submit their own original designs.

Our stock covers can be viewed below to provide ideas. Click on an image to enlarge it.

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Yearbook Cover Designs & Ideas

  • Incorporate the Theme

    The theme is the main idea behind the entire yearbook and the cover absolutely has to reflect it. The cover is the first thing that every student, staff member, and faculty member will see. The title of the theme should be written either on the front cover or on the spine to make it clear and the visual elements should go along with it.

  • Use Fonts Wisely

    Many designers make the mistake of using too many combinations of fonts on the yearbook cover to make it appear more fun and lively. However, if combining fonts is not done well, your ideas can look sloppy and unorganized. Instead, try using a single font family with different weights or up to 3 different fonts that go together well.

  • Balance Visual Elements

    When you have multiple image elements as well as text on a cover, it can start to look messy if not done properly. Everything does not necessarily have to be laid out in a symmetrical way or in a grid, but this does help the balance. If an element is quite large and prominent, it’s best to keep other elements away from it so that the page appears more balanced. You’ll also want to make sure that there is a visible focal point that stands out. As a yearbook maker online, our software ensures this balance for you.

  • Use School Colors

    When selecting a color scheme for the cover, keep in mind that it should incorporate your school colors with your ideas. Adding other colors through our software is fine, but you don’t want the colors to be so bright and neon that the school colors cannot show through. On the other hand, you don’t want text and images to be so dark that they are not visible. Keep in mind that colors will not look exactly the same on your computer screen and in the printed book unless you are using a Pantone guide.